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What can you make with a 3D printer?

There are many reasons why you may wish to purchase a 3D printer and begin creating your own prints. Perhaps you wish to start your own business and want a machine that allows for easy prototyping. Or maybe you just like the idea of making your own 3d printed items to display around your home. The answer to the question “what can you do with a 3d printer?” is quite simply “print things”!

Whatever your reason for wanting a 3D printer, there are many free and open-source patterns online to help get you started on your printing journey. A 3D printer can offer many opportunities, and you don’t need to limit yourself to a specific area of 3D printing. 

There are also lots of designs available for those new to using a 3D printer. If you’re a beginner, it can be best to start with these, rather than getting overwhelmed by more advanced designs.

Today, we take a look at some things to make with 3d printers. Read on to find out more!


Storage boxes and organisers

Now that you’ve gotten into 3D printing, you might be finding you need a space to store all of the 3D filament and 3D printing accessories you have bought! Luckily, there are plenty of 3D printing designs out there to help keep things neat and tidy. From cable organisers through to storage boxes, many varied bits-and-bobs holders can be 3D printed. 

Do your pens seem to always go missing, meaning you’re tearing the house apart looking for one when you most need it? Why not print a pen holder to keep them all in the one spot?! A 3D printed pen holder can be a good, simple design for beginners to start with. From cylinders to rectangles, to all types of funky shapes, pen holder 3D printer patterns abound on the internet, so you’re sure to find one that matches your style!


Home 3D printed pot plants

Pot plants can be another simple design for beginners. Much like pen holders, pot plant 3D patterns can be found in many shapes and styles. Whether you’re after a basic pot to hold your plant, or something more elaborate and eye-catching, a quick search online should turn up many results. These can be a great choice for plant lovers, as they also make a good excuse to welcome more plants into your home! 


If you’re a model enthusiast, you may have purchased a 3D printer with the intention of creating your own 3D figurines as a fun thing to 3D print! While there are many 3D patterns out there that can allow you to create prints of popular characters for your home collection, more advanced printers may choose to design their own 3D creations! This 3D design process might take a little while, but putting in the hard work should pay off, allowing you to bring characters to 3D life before your eyes. 3D printing also allows for multiple rounds of prototyping and allows you to closely control the colours and exact look of the model you are creating.


Fashion accessories 

Maybe you’re wanting to create your own accessories and jewellery using your new 3D printer! Whether you’re satisfied following patterns and guides found online, or want to start your very own range, 3D printing can allow you to produce wearable products that are customised to your wants. This means you no longer need to traverse retail stores or spend hours scrolling online shops looking for the kind of pieces you’re after. 


Kitchen supplies 

If you need a simple accessory for your kitchen, why not consider 3D printing it rather than buying it? There are lots of useful 3D prints for basic kitchen accessories that can be created using a 3D printing pattern. For example, if you are wanting to keep your bags sealed, why not think about printing a bag clip? Or maybe even a bag clip with a convenient screw cap, like this one on Thingiverse, made by Mikix! Alternatively, you could have a go at printing a drain strainer or a cupboard door hanger for your shopping bags. With a little bit of research, you can find many fun kitchen supplies to 3D print! 


Architectural modelling

If you’re an architect wanting to deliver 3D models of buildings quickly and efficiently, then 3D printing could be a clever way of going about it. 3D printing allows for architectures to physically view a to-scale, smaller version of their design in 3D form. This form of modelling can also be great for clients, as it allows them to view the project physically in 3D, rather than viewing it on paper or on a screen. 3D design printing could also be handy for builders and interior designers. Printing a to-scale layout of a home or office building could allow for a new perspective on the project. Interior designers might find this also helps them to visualise a home’s layout and the pieces that could suit each room.


So, why buy a 3D printer? Well, because it can allow you to print so many fun and useful designs! As you can see, there are lots of print ideas to choose from, and this is just the beginning! With a little bit of online searching, you can unearth countless different free and open-source 3D printing designs. Remember, if you are after 3D printer filament to create your designs, you can check out Ink Station’s wide range of online store options. 

Good luck with your 3D printing adventures! We hope you create many excellent prints along the way!