Top Label Makers Australia

If you’re doing some spring cleaning, you might have started organising your odds and ends into different drawers and boxes. A label maker can help you to do this quickly and efficiently. There are many different types of label makers in Australia, from classic manual versions to modern digital label printers.

While there is arguably no single best label maker out there, there are different varieties to choose from, allowing you to select the labeller that best suits your needs. Today, we take a look at some reasons to use a label maker, plus some of the label makers available in Australia.


Label makers in Australia


There are many different types of label makers available in Australia. Whether you’re looking for the affordable digital type, a more comprehensive model, or an old skool manual label maker, variety abounds!



Brother Handheld Label Printer PT-H110

An affordable digital option, the PT-H110 is a handheld label maker that has a QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. This model can be loaded with a bunch of different tapes of varying widths and colours, so you can choose the style of label you wish to create.


Brother Handheld Label Printer PT-E550WVP


This label printer can be connected to your computer and has USB and Wi-Fi capabilities. The PT-E550WVP has dedicated functions to help you create the most common electrical and datacom labels. It also features 384 symbols and allows users to print on heat shrink tube tape and durable laminated labels.


DYMO LabelManager 160P


The DYMO LabelManager 160P is an inexpensive digital label maker. This model allows you to choose from six font sizes and eight text styles, and you can edit text with one-touch fast formatting keys, which allows you to make text bold, italic, underlined, plus more! It also lets you choose from 228 symbols and clip-art images to include in your labels!


DYMO LabelWriter 450

For those after a machine that can create parcel shipping labels, there are labellers like the DYMO LabelWriter 450. This model allows user to connect to their PC or Mac and print labels directly from programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, QuickBooks, and CardScan. The 450 uses thermal printing technology, and is compact, allowing it to fit in relatively small spaces next to your computer.


DYMO TapeWriter Organizer Xpress


Like the old skool look? Take a look at the DYMO TapeWriter Organizer Xpress! This little handheld labeller is an affordable option that can be used for craft projects or organising your space. The TapeWriter has a set of 49 different characters to include in your labels and uses 3D 9mm wide tapes and cassettes.


Where to purchase label tape


Okay, so you’re excited about the possibilities of owning a label maker and are eyeing up a couple of different models, but where do you buy the tape needed to create the labels? Many places stock label maker tape, including Ink Station. View our full range of Brother label maker tape cartridges here and our full range of Dymo Label tape cartridges here.


Uses of a label maker


As the name suggests, a label maker is intended for printing customised labels.  Some examples include:


Labelling drawers and boxes


Whether you’re storing loose cables, clothing, or stationery, a label maker can help you to keep track of what you have put, where.


Herbs and other plants


If you’re growing herbs or other plants from seed, you might want to label the pots so you remember what is in each one, until the plants sprout and are easily recognisable. You can either place the labels on the pots, directly or create little name sticks using toothpicks or popsicle sticks.


Organising papers


Do you have papers everywhere in disarray? A label maker and folders can help you get things back in order! Simply designate folders for different categories and get to work placing your papers in their corresponding categories.


Creating gift tags


Label makers can be used to create fantastic, personalised gift tags. Use cardboard to create the tags, and then print out the individual messages you wish to share. Attach these to your gifts for a unique way to identify presents.


Labelling tea and spice jars


If you use tea and spice jars in your kitchen, consider using a label maker to designate what is in each jar. This can help you to quickly know what is in each container, plus can make things easier for guests who are helping themselves!


Organising a refrigerator


Is your fridge looking a little unorganised? Why not dedicate part of your spring clean to getting it sorted out?! You can use a label maker to designate different sections, such as one part for condiments, one for spreads, plus what to place on each shelf.


Sort kids’ toys and books


It’s easy for a child’s room to get messy with lots of active play. One way to combat the mess is to ensure each toy and book has its designated place. You can have a box for soft toy storage, a box for hard toys, and a box for building blocks. Books can also be organised into categories such as soft baby books, waterproof books, hardcover anthologies, and paperbacks.


Labelling inventory


Do you run your own business or side hustle that involves inventory? Keep it all separated and organised by using boxes and a label maker. Place each product into its corresponding section, and label accordingly. This way, you can quickly find inventory when you need it!


Shipping labels


Those who send many packages might like the idea of saving time by printing out adhesive labels instead of manually addressing each parcel. Some label makers are ideally suited for this job and can help you to quickly produce professional labels for your shipments.