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Best Printer Apps for Android

If you have an Android phone and a wireless printer, you may be curious about some of the apps available to make your printing experience more streamlined. There is a huge range of printer apps available for Android devices, and each brand of printer manufacturer often has its own app that allows for easier printing from a mobile device. Many of these company-specific apps also allow users to check the status of their printer, and sometimes even order replacement ink cartridges from within the app itself! There are also a variety of apps that can make mobile printing simpler for a wide range of different printers.

In this article, we take a look at some of the wireless printer apps available for Android devices, the printers they’re made for, and the features and capabilities of each app. 


HP Smart App

The HP Smart App is an HP printer app for Android and Apple. Once installed, it allows users to wirelessly print files from a range of sources, including cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The HP Smart App allows users to send documents from their mobile devices, to be printed on any HP printers the device shares the same network with. But this app doesn’t just do the printing! The HP Smart App also lets users scan files on their scanner/printer and have them sent as a JPEG or PDF to their mobile device. These files can be saved to the device, to the cloud, emailed, or printed from a compatible HP printer. This app also can be used to find out what type of cartridges a printer uses and order new ones, view and modify the settings of your printer(s), and print reports for the printer.


Brother iPrint&Scan

If you have a Brother printer, then the Brother iPrint&Scan app could be worth taking a look at. This Brother printer app for Android and iOS devices allows users to print and scan from mobile devices. Brother Print&Scan lets users print a variety of files including photos, documents and web pages, both those that are saved on the device itself, and those stored in the cloud that are then accessed by the mobile device. These files may be sent from a mobile device to be printed on any iPrint&Scan compatible HP printer that shares the same network with the device. This app also lets users edit files before printing, scan documents and images onto a mobile device, and check the status of the machine.


Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print is a Samsung printer app for Android and Apple devices. This app lets users send documents, photos, web pages and PDFs to compatible Samsung printers that are connected to the network. This app can also be used to scan documents and photos from a scanner to a mobile device. Samsung Mobile Print also allows users to send faxes from a suitable printing/faxing machine, wirelessly using a mobile device. Images can be cropped and rotated on the app, before being sent for printing. The app supports features of security such as Secure Release, Confidential Print, and Job Accounting, and can print files from both the cloud and a user’s social media accounts.


Epson iPrint App

The Epson iPrint App is an Epson printer app for Android and iOS. This app is designed to let users print photos and documents from their mobile device, by sending the files to any email-enabled Epson printing machine connected to the same network. The Epson iPrint App allows for the printing of documents that are saved directly on the connected mobile device, and those saved to the cloud but accessed through the mobile device. Documents and photos can also be scanned onto a mobile device, through a compatible Epson scanner, using the app. Users are also able to plug a memory card or USB drive into a suitable Epson printer, and transfer files directly to the data storage devices from their mobile device, or transfer files from the USB or memory card to their mobile device. iPrint also allows for the purchasing of new ink, and toner directly from the app.




Canon’s Inkjet/SELPHY app is designed to let users send files directly from their mobile devices to be printed on a range of Canon PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY machines connected to the same network. This app allows for printing, scanning and copying with compatible machines. The Inkjet/SELPHY app lets users print files from the mobile device itself, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and a variety of cloud services. The app can also be used to manage printer settings for the printing device, as well as monitoring the status of the printer.


Fuji Xerox Print Utility

Print Utility is an app for printing on Fuji devices. It is available for both Android and iOS, and allows users to print documents, photographs and web pages from their wireless devices. Using the Cloud Service Hub, the Print Utility app lets users print a variety of types of files. This also allows for scanned data to be sent to the cloud once it has finished scanning. Print Utility lets users instantly print a photo they have taken, using a program called Shoot & Print. Please note, Shoot & Print is only available for Android devices with an internal camera.


Google Cloud Print 

The Google Cloud Print app can be installed on Android devices to assist users to print their files wirelessly, on a wide range of different cloud-enabled printers. Google Cloud Print can help users manage multiple print jobs, view previous jobs that have been printed, and view and edit printer options. This app can be used with any printer that is connected to Google Cloud Print, regardless of the brand. Google Cloud Print is compatible with Google apps such as Gmail and Google Drive, meaning files can be printed directly from these apps to a selected, compatible printer.