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8 Ways To Save Money on Ink and Reduce Printing Costs

Saving money is something that many of us want to do more of. Maybe you’re saving up a deposit for a house, or just wish to have a little extra spending money for your upcoming interstate holiday. Whatever the reason, learning how to save some extra money on printing costs can be a handy way to pocket a little extra cash. There are many tips that you can implement to save money on ink cartridges.

Below are a few tips and tricks for those that want to know a little more about how to save money on ink cartridges. Read on to find out more!


Print regularly

This might seem a bit of a strange tip for those looking to learn how to save money on ink cartridges, but ensuring you use your printer regularly can actually help save on printing costs. When you leave your printer for weeks at a time between print jobs, there’s a chance your printer ink can dry up, and then you may have to throw the whole ink cartridge away! A helpful tip for when you’re wondering how to save printer ink from drying is to print a test page. This can be used when you don’t have anything to print. A test page is also good for checking your printer’s performance and for identifying a range of issues that might be occurring. If you’d like to learn more, we run through the steps of printing a test page in our blog post How To Save Ink.


Choose an ink-efficient printer

When it comes to how to save on ink cartridges, one major tip is to choose a printer that is ink efficient. An ink efficient printer can help you save money on ink costs. While it might be tempting to buy a cheap printer, these are often machines that aren’t very ink efficient. As such, spending a little extra money on a printer that is efficient with ink may end up saving you ink costs in the long term. There are many different ink saving printers available on the market, and a little bit of research should help you find one that suits your requirements.


Don’t turn off between jobs

While you may think turning off your printer between print jobs can help save on printing costs, the opposite is often true. Many printers use a little bit of ink when they’re booted up, so continually turning your machine off and on between each print job can actually waste ink. Instead, leave your printer on when you know you’ll be printing more pages again the same day. Don’t take this tip to the extreme though, it’s fine to turn your printer off when you’re going to bed!


Use ink-saving fonts

If you’re looking for ways to save money on ink, one way to do so is by using ink-saving fonts. There’s a wide variety of ink-saving fonts out there, and the great news is that many of them come pre-installed on Microsoft Word. For example, Garamond and Times New Roman are two fonts that come as standard with Word that are ink-efficient. If you are unhappy with the fonts available with Microsoft Word, you can also download additional efficient fonts such as Ecofont that can help save on ink.


Save up your prints

Turning a printer on and off repeatedly can use ink, so some people may choose to save all of their printing for one or two days a week. If there are no deadlines in play, this option could be a simple way to save a little bit on printing costs over time.


Check your usage

Keeping an eye on your printer’s ink usage can help you track its performance. To do this, you will likely need additional usage monitoring software. There are multiple different software solutions available that can assist with this task. These programmes can often also provide tips and recommendations for saving on ink and printing more efficiently.


Utilise Print Preview

The Print Preview function can help you save on re-printing costs, by allowing you to give your work a once-over before it’s printed. Needing to print out another copy after you notice an error on the first one not only wastes ink, it also wastes paper (and time!). Make the Print Preview function your friend and you should hopefully save on ink and paper costs over your printing lifetime.


Tweak your printing settings

Your printing settings can be changed to make your machine a little more cost-efficient with ink. For example, you may find that you’re still using high-quality print settings, and producing high-quality prints, when you don’t necessarily need to do so. If you’re simply looking to print basic documents, you might like to instead set the print quality to draft mode. This setting saves on ink, and you can always change your settings back to a higher quality if you wish to create a high-quality print.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some tips on how to save money on ink cartridges. Many tasks are simple, such as changing your font or using the Print Preview function, and can be implemented in moments to save you a little on printing costs. Some of the other steps, like purchasing an ink-efficient printer, might seem like a large upfront purchase, but could end up saving regular printers money on ink cartridges in the long run. Check out our great range of ink-efficient printers to be able to start your printing journey off the right way.